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25+ YEARS EXPERIENCE IN EYELASHES MANUFACTURING1989 False eyelash industry first appeared in Pingdu, Qingdao. M-Star became the first group to work for eyelashes. 1992 After 3 year of do pioneering work, M-Star creatived our first office. 1997 Manufa..
23 Aug New Blog Post
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Why more and more people prefer false lashes than ever before?All people love beauty , especially women. There is no doubt that which makes us more charming is the eyes look. Here are some options for you from our Magic Star lash collection that will..
20 Aug Beauty Soul: False Eyelashes
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Beauty Soul: False EyelashesTo support the soul of the entire makeup face, especially European and American makeup, the most important thing is of course non-false eyelashes. Below are a few comparison pictures, feel the“Power”of false eyelashes for ..
19 Aug Do you want to own the cool tattoo?
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Do you want to own the cool tattoo?Everyone’s heart live a cool boy and girl, so we really want to engrave tattoos, but there are too many different styles, so today we specially recommend tattoo stickers, we can change the different tattoo stickers ..
11 Aug How to protect yourself and your family during Corona-virus-19
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How to protect yourself and your family during Corona-virus-19 1.WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY WITH HAND SANITIZER and maintain good respiratory hygiene habits. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or towel. Wash your hands..
10 Aug Do you bother by the flourishing hair for a long time?
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1.Beautiful legs, but body hair gets in the way of smooth skin2.Armpits and legs will give you negative points for beauty etcThe IPL hair removal system adopts the same clinically-proven IPL tech used by dermatologists and beauty salons, so that ever..
10 Aug Are you confused about the too long eyelash band when you wear it?
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Are you confused about the too long eyelash band when you wear it?Today we will introduce the half/corner eyelashes. We have the mink half eyelashes and faux mink half eyelashes, you can check it and choose the style you prefer. The lashes can be sav..
10 Aug How to radiate your unique charm on the Chinese valentine's day?
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How to radiate your unique charm on the Chinese valentine's day ?The love story of Niulang and Zhinu, and the Qixi Festival have been handed down for generations. Sendai is home to the most famous and romantic summer festival, Tanabata, when   the st..
09 Aug The mysterious power of the East - Guasha
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The most exciting thing in Late July and Early August is the Olympics. After the Olympics Games,what do you know about the East ? What do you know about East Healthy and Beauty ? The vacuum cup ? The cupping therapy ? The Guasha ? Today we will talk ..
05 Aug It's time to own a mountain bike!
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Today, when the global epidemic is spreading, traffic is restricted and the principle of non-aggregation is adhered to. Bicycles are undoubtedly one of the best transportation options for travel. Coupled with the fact that the epidemic has provided u..
04 Aug Do you manicure today?
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Do you like manicure? Do you still remember Yang Qian who won the first gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? She won the first gold in the Olympics with a pearl manicure,very cute girl. And she said the yellow hairpin and pearl manicure all her lucky cha..
03 Aug Does this pair of glasses suit your needs?
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New Arrival Popular Design Children Protect Eyes Glasses TR90 Optical Glasses frameShow your stylish and elegant temperament with these eyeglasses. The frame is very unique and interesting. Its arms are also in design distinctive, showing the softnes..
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